Breif info

Martin and I are coming to an agreement. I am not seeking to leave the world blind, I am just not as reckless as Martin. he does not know everything.

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I want to know... once you have this information... what will you do with it?

any sign of... "her" is a bad sign


I need to know this, I need to know that you are trustworthy. Are you dedicated to aiding our situation? You are soon to become privy to some very important information, unknown to the living human race. This is a heavy burden to carry. Please assure me that you will do you best.

pledge your obedience .

"pledge your obedience" is really fucking ominous wtf. -Martin

please distract June, and i will explain everything

oh... this could be bad

Update here from Martin! Things... happened. That I need to explain. Asha insists that it's her job. If you distract June, we can explain everything. Dan is coming to stay with me, for his own safety, and I can explain it to him then too.